Wolf Hall

I have finally got around to starting this series, on my brother’s recommendation. I was dragging my heels initially because I was under the impression they were ‘difficult’ books, and also because I was working my way through the utterly brilliant Matthew Shardlake series by C.J. Sansom (also his recommendation) which is set at more or less the same time with overlapping characters, and I didn’t want to get confused. At first I was finding ‘Wolf Hall’ a reasonably easy read and wondering what all the fuss was about, but I have just hit a sticky patch about all the British monarchs ‘from time immemorial’ leading up to Henry VII. I have decided to keep on going and let that bit wash over me. In the main plot, Cromwell’s wife has just died of the ‘sweating sickness’, so now they have to

‘hang a bunch of straw outside the door as a sign of infection, and then restrict entry for forty days, and go abroad [i.e. out of doors] as little as possible.’

Plus ca change…

In a moment I have a Zoom Pilates class. Over the last 11 months I have managed to acquire an array of ‘fitness’ equipment, some of which I use for Pilates and some of which I was using when the gyms were closed, in an effort to do some ‘strength training’ (that didn’t really take). With all these props and my special workout clothes, it is a wonder I am not fitter than I am…

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