Ups and Downs

My last OU assignment was returned to me this week, with a very encouraging mark, so all that moaning about Wordsworth and Shelley paid off. I am about to start work on the next one, which is about how Victorian domestic values and themes of home and abroad are dealt with in ‘The Sign of Four’ and ‘The Beach of Falesa’. I’m feeling quite enthusiastic about this topic, and the texts are so short that I can easily read them through yet again for ideas. On the other hand, I spent 45 minutes earlier waiting first for an Adobe Connect Room to open and then for the tutor to enter it and give a tutorial on this very topic. At least once the room opened, I and the other students could reassure one another that we did have the time right and ponder what the problem might be. In the end one of the students texted the tutor, who had got the date wrong and was most apologetic. It is going to be rescheduled…

My dandelions are flowering nicely, and I am getting faster at the different stitches:

My hat is also progressing well and is a bit of a change from socks. It is a pattern I have knitted before, although in the past only in plain colours. It is Smocked Slouch by Jill Zielinski

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