Two steps forward, one step back

For Christmas I received the yarn to knit this hat and made a start a couple of days ago. Today I have had to face the fact that it is coming out too big:

So sadly I have had to unravel it and now it looks like this:

In some ways I am glad because it has a cool cast on which I haven’t done before and it came out a bit loose.

Now I can have another go on smaller needles and tighten it up a bit.

In other news, I am reading ‘Wuthering Heights’ for my OU English Literature course. I understand there are (misguided) people out there whose favourite book it is and who consider the story very romantic. I read it (and didn’t really enjoy it) as a teenager and am two-thirds of the way through a re-read and can confirm that this is the last time in my life I will ever read it. I suppose it has value as a series of case studies of how not to bring up children and the effects of childhood neglect/abuse on adult behaviour and mental health, but unless the final 100 pages turn out to be a real surprise, I’m not feeling it as a love story.

Having said all that, I expect I’ll come round a bit when I work through the OU study materials. (I’m hoping this will also apply to ‘Frankenstein’ which I read before Christmas for the same course and which also turned out to be ‘not my sort of thing’).


  1. I can confirm that your links worked.

    Withering Heights is on my Top 100 Books scratch-off poster and I have always avoided reading it as it did not sound like a healthy relationship to me. Now I will have to at some point before I die. Perhaps a quick skim read. At least it’s shorter than War and Peace which is also in there!

  2. I have to agree about Wuthering Heights. I read it a few years back and found it eminently put downable. Boring if I’m honest. I think I was maybe expecting Kate Bush mysteriously enticing vibes which were distinctly lacking. As you say maybe it takes a deeper (guided) delve to appreciate it …

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