Tru Earth Challenge

For just over a year now I have been using these strips in place of laundry detergent, and thus cutting down significantly on my plastic use.

You just tear them up a bit and put them in the slot in the washing machine. I have the fragrance-free ones and they have not irritated the sensitive skin of other members of my family. This month Tru Earth is doing a sustainability challenge on Facebook with a different idea each day of how to live more sustainably. I joined the challenge, although I am already feeling intimidated by the very sustainable lives many of the people posting already seem to lead. I had no idea shampoo bars were a thing… One woman showers in the dark to save electricity… In true Canadian fashion, the prizes at the end of the month are not going to be awarded for meeting all the challenges or living super-sustainably, but rather for being the most engaged and encouraging to others.

Anyway, today’s challenge is to turn the thermostat down and put on an extra jumper or cuddle under a blanket instead. (Needless to say the forum is full of people pointing out that they already keep their homes at 15 deg C.) We are not that extreme, but certain members of my family would always like the thermostat up higher, so my contribution to the challenge is to resist them.

Today this beautiful yarn finally reached me:

I ordered it weeks ago, but Canada Post was in no hurry to deliver it. Three pairs of socks to come. The yarn is a blend of merino, silk and cashmere, and has a lovely sheen. I particularly like the purple.


      1. Am wearing a pair of your beautiful hand knitted socks as I read this! Thank you for your tips about laundry detergent πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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