The Sign of Four

In my OU studies ‘Wuthering Heights’ is behind me (big sigh of relief). Next week it is ‘The Sign of Four’, which is the second Sherlock Holmes story. It’s novella length and I have nearly finished reading it for the second time. It features a character from the Andaman Islands (fortunately my edition includes a map!) although I’m not sure he ever finds his finger tips as fascinating as the man on the cover of my copy.

I have stalled a bit on the socks I am designing myself, and have turned to that lovely purple yarn I bought recently. It is quite ‘busy’, so I have chosen a pattern I have knitted a few times already, and which mixes up the various colours harmoniously. It is Affixed by Hunter Hammersen.

Yarn: Indigodragonfly ‘One Heffalump or Two?’

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