This is a swatch I have made in preparation for knitting this cardigan, ‘Felix’ by Amy Christoffers. I haven’t attempted anything as large as a cardigan for years, but this is a knit along organized by my local yarn store Top Drawer Yarns. It was a bit of a spur of the moment decision to sign up, but I am not going to be doing Sock Madness after all. The qualifying sock pattern was written in a fairly non-user-friendly way, and I was finding the tone of the forum where people were desperately seeking clarification a little ‘intense’, so I decided I didn’t need the aggravation. (It is a lovely pattern though; maybe I will still knit it when the dust has settled.)

Anyway, on to the cardigan… Because I have no imagination, I am knitting it in more or less exactly the same colour as the photos in the pattern. The photo above makes the yarn look quite blue, but in fact it is much more of a true heather colour and tends towards the pink end of purple. I thought I ought to do a swatch, even though the tension at which I knit is usually fairly standard, but I won’t worry too much if I am slightly off, since the design of the pattern is for a garment with plenty of positive ease, i.e. baggy. I have until 9 April to finish it before the Zoom Show and Tell. The swatch is still drying at the moment!

V has returned safely from Montreal and will finish up her courses (and thus her whole degree) online from home. She too has been offered a place at the University of Toronto for September, this time for grad school, so tomorrow we are off to The Keg for a meal to celebrate, where V is hoping to be given a complimentary slice of Billy Miner Pie like D was, although if it turns out we get the same waiter will he believe us?!

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