Spring Break

So my husband and D have the next two weeks off, although V and I are continuing with our studies. We usually go away for at least part of Spring Break, so in order to mark these two weeks out as different I came up with a fun plan. I have had to work hard to convince my family of the ‘fun’ bit, but I think they are on board now. We are going to consult our shelf of recipe books and cook a meal we have never had before each evening. I am going to post photographs on here of the picture in the book and also the actual meal as we managed to replicate it. Tonight’s is Michael Smith’s Moroccan Lamb Stew with Preserved Lemons and Pistachio Raisin Couscous and this is what it looks like in the book:

It allows for apricot slices rather than raisins in the couscous and that is what we had. The preserved lemon puree was optional and we opted to do without, since that would have required going back in time 4-6 weeks and preserving some lemons. Anyway, it was fairly easy to cook, tasted delicious and looked remarkably like Michael Smith’s own version:

Next time I will wipe the edge of the bowl

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