Spa Night

My aesthetician, in a not-so-subtle attempt to draw V into buying skincare products from her too, gave me a variety of samples and more or less insisted V and I have a spa night to try them out. (She has written it on my card and is going to check how it went when I next see her – also she is the tiniest bit scary). We obeyed her and had fun. My skin feels good today anyway.

Also, I now have blue hair (sort of). This is the most (only?) exciting thing I have ever done to my hair. V and I tried to colour it before Christmas, but it was so subtle you could only really see it if you were looking. So last night she put on loads more of the product, and now in certain lights you might see it if you weren’t looking for it…

There’s lots of dye left, so I guess we’ll keep on trying.

Spurred on by others, I ordered these bamboo toothbrushes from Amazon. They are beautifully packaged – pandas! – (in an environmentally friendly way) and look great, so we’re all going to give them a try. They were surprisingly inexpensive and the bristles feel soft enough for my sensitive gums.

I was disappointed with that Tana French novel, ‘The Searcher’. Very little happened and the ending would I feel only really be satisfactory to those who are comfortable with moral ambiguity. I am not…

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