This week S is at work as usual, D has full-time school again, and V has got her summer job back working in the booking office of the radiology department at the hospital. They all disappear in the morning and none reappears until mid-afternoon at the earliest. It is glorious! I don’t know that I get up to anything particularly different while alone, but I love it, and when I get into my vehicle the seat and steering wheel and mirrors are exactly where I left them. I now have a full set of summer tyres again, as my punctured one was repaired yesterday.

V and I are working our way through last year’s series of ‘University Challenge’ and are gradually getting our average number of correct answers per episode up from 2 to maybe even 7, although this is largely because we are getting better at guessing. I just say ‘Titian’ for all the paintings I don’t recognize and ‘Puccini’ for the operas I don’t know (which is all of them).

I have finished a pair of socks, the Honey Bee ones:

I have also submitted my penultimate essay for this year’s module of my OU course. Just the 3,000 word ‘end of module assignment’ to go, which is due in a month’s time. I am booked on a tutorial to help prepare for this at 5:30 am on Saturday, which will be painful, although at least it will be getting light. The perils of being an overseas student!

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