Sock Madness

I have registered to participate in a Ravelry based knitting competition called Sock Madness (something to do with March Madness, which is something to do with baseball – possibly??). Anyway this competition involves knitting lots of pairs of socks quickly. The first stage is to knit one pair, to a pattern which is about to be revealed, within a two-week timeframe. If you complete that pair in the given time, then you get sent all the subsequent patterns, even after you are eliminated. The rules about how people are gradually eliminated are complicated and I’m not sure I understand them myself – it’s my first time – but I doubt I will stay in for long because my arm tends to get painful if I knit too much. There are masses of other people registered, most of whom seem to have been participating for many years, and they are all very excited about it!

Yesterday I became old. I see from my receipt that I was given the senior’s discount at the drugstore. I’m not sure how old I am, because their website is vague about what constitutes a senior, but I saved quite a few dollars, so I have decided to accept my seniority gracefully. I am glad of the dollars saved, because when I went to buy a frame for my embroidery, I discovered that it wasn’t a standard size and so I would need to have a custom-made frame. I think it’s going to look good, but the cost is out of all proportion to the price of the embroidery kit itself. It will have to become a family heirloom.

It has been very mild (for the time of year) these last few days and the packed down snow in our turning circle has melted significantly. The only two drains for the cul-de-sac where we live are in front of our house, so I have been out several times a day digging out the drains and creating channels for the melt water to reach them. It’s very enjoyable – like being at the beach somehow. I hope my neighbours are suitably thankful.

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