Show and Tell

On Friday evening it was the Zoom show and tell for my local yarn store sweater knitalong. There were lots of us participating, from different places in the north of BC, and the dyer who dyed the yarn most of us chose to use was also on the call and talked about the mill she sources the yarn from in Peru. Not all of us had finished our sweaters… Mine still needs a collar and button band (and buttons!) but is otherwise done:

My excuse for not having finished the cardigan is that I am, as usual, knitting lots of socks. I have recently finished these socks (using the Fish Lips Kiss heel for the first time):

The yarn is a deconstructed fade by Shirley Brian Yarns in Surf Camp and they are nice and long for wearing with boots. You would think it might be too late in the year for boots, but we have actually had snow a few times this last week, sadly.

I have also finished this pair, for the monthly Sock Knitters Anonymous challenge on Ravelry:

In addition I have started two more pairs (the secret is to have lots of needles!):

Meadowsweet Socks by This Handmade Life
Peace Everywhere Socks by Dolly Laishram

Finally, I have had these socks on the needles for ages. I thought the repetitive pattern would be soothing, but in fact it is mind-numbingly boring.

Graupel Socks by Hunter Hammersen

It’s book club this week and our book this month is The Honey Bus by Meredith May. It’s a memoir and it is mostly about the breakdown of the author’s parents’ marriage (which is moving in places) and bees (in which I have only a very mild, superficial interest). Still, having decided to skip all the bits about bees and beekeeping and honey, it hardly took me any time to finish. The author write a lot about her childhood in the 1970s, including how she would mix her grandmother a cocktail every evening when she got home from work – different times!

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