Putting the garden in

It’s Victoria Day here, or May long weekend, which is when people in my city begin to hope nighttime frosts are over for the year, and plant things. We are not keen gardeners, but do have one flower bed at the front of the house which I plant every year, water and weed faithfully for a few weeks, and then become a tiny bit tired of. This is a photo of it after V and I weeded it – the photo before it was weeded is too shameful to post (also I forgot to take one).

These are the plants V and I chose at the garden centre yesterday, purely on the basis that they looked pretty:

And today S and I planted them!

I have finished the pair of socks I once described as mind-numbingly boring. In the end I quite enjoyed them, particularly once I got onto the foot part. They are Graupel by Hunter Hammersen.

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