I have decided to name my sock design after the Cornish village S and I used to rent a holiday cottage in before we had children. Here it is:


I am pleased with it and the second sock is coming along much faster now I am no longer making it up as I go along, changing my mind, and re-knitting huge chunks. The colour palette is quite muted; I am going to knit them again in brighter and more contrasting colours.

D is graduating from high school this year and for some reason associated with that we had to email a baby photo of him to the school. This is the one we were permitted to send.

Since he has shown no interest in this blog, he will never find out I have put it on here…

S and I are, I think on our daughter’s recommendation, watching ‘Timeless’ on Netflix. It’s not the sort of thing I usually watch (a time machine is stolen, so a group of three selected by the US government have to follow the thief in another time machine every episode and try to prevent him from altering the course of history). We are only a few episodes in, but they seem to be mostly unsuccessful in this aim, although I’m not always clear in my own mind what is going on. S’s grasp of US history is better than mine, so he has been doing a lot of explaining.

Much more my type of thing, I participated in a Zoom book club today on the first 12 chapters of Anthony Trollope’s ‘Dr Thorne’ which was put on by the Trollope society. It was extremely well done, despite the 143 participants. I would recommend the book club and the society as a whole to any lover of Victorian fiction. About half of the people participating seemed to be in North America, and some of them were knitting along as they listened – I have found my people!

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