People can be so disappointing…

… which was nearly the title of this blog. I am recovering from what was (for me) a very traumatic afternoon yesterday. A company, which shall remain nameless, and which I had paid to put a spiral binding on my son’s Grade 10 piano book, managed to bind the pages in reverse order from 172 all the way down to page 1. They had also succeeded in binding the outer edges of each page. When I pointed this out, the assistant who had made the error did not apologize, but rather commented that she had found it very confusing that the pages were all back to front. I was asked to return after they had ‘fixed it’. Their solution was to copy the pages (surely illegal), shred the originals, and rebind the book with the pages in the correct order, but with a line of dots down the side of each photocopied page, showing the first attempt at binding. After complaining to the manager, I was reimbursed the binding fee and given the money to buy a replacement book, which will be spiral bound by some one else, if I have to buy a machine and do it myself. At the very end I was offered an apology. The whole experience was extraordinary in so many different ways.

In happier news I have finished another pair of socks. (I don’t knit that quickly – I often have more than one pair on the go at a time). Cunningly these qualify for two different challenges on Ravelry: they are a ‘spring’-like colour for one challenge and designed by ‘this month’s featured designer’ for another. Last month I actually won a prize and was entitled to a free pattern, so I have fresh incentive to keep entering the competitions.

Powerscourt Waterfall Socks

My daughter has returned to Montreal to finish the last semester of her undergraduate degree. It is completely ridiculous that she is old enough to graduate, but there you are.

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