Pastry Tart

Today was back to the challenge with a recipe sent in to the Guardian newspaper by a reader called Helen Ulloch. This is her version:

and this was ours:

To be fair, it was one of those ‘use whatever vegetables you have in the fridge’ type recipes, but we did adapt it by using Parmesan on top, rather than soft cheese blended with creme fraiche underneath. (You can’t get creme fraiche here, for one thing…) It tasted very good, and I have more puff pastry in the freezer for another day. I have to concede that it is our least successful reproduction so far.

I have finished the second set of Amberwing socks, using the remaining portions of the two balls of yarn:

They aren’t quite identical, because the number of plain rows between dragonflies is 4 on the grey pair and 5 on the pink one – I went wrong as soon as I began the pink ones and decided to keep going, but did the grey ones as written. As I knit at the moment I am watching a Canadian programme called ‘Coroner’, which seems to be set either at the tail end of or post-Covid. I keep being distracted from the plots by the mask etiquette. I can’t work out the logic of the occasions on which face masks are worn and with whom!

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