I have completed these socks. Clearly I was in a Christmassy mood when I chose the colours. My new project is a sock I am designing myself. This is all I have so far:

As yet unnamed…

I have found some online software which you can use to create a chart for the stitch pattern. It may even turn into a proper pattern other people could use, although if I pursue that avenue I will need to create it in different sizes and try out different colour combinations.

I have almost finished ‘Wolf Hall’ and have enjoyed it, although I think my decision not to get bogged down in the details was the right one – all the male characters are called Thomas (apart from Henry VIII obviously) and all the women are called Mary and they are all each other’s cousins or second wives or mistresses. The events of the C.J. Sansom series take place after the events in this book, so there has not been too much confusion from that perspective. Everything I think I know about Henry VIII’s reign now comes from these fictional series – just like before these last four year I assumed American politics was exactly as shown on ‘The West Wing’.

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