This month’s book club book is ‘Greenwood’ by Michael Christie. It starts in 2038 on an island off the coast of BC which has one of the last remaining old growth forests after the ‘Great Withering’. It seems this catastrophic event, caused by global warming, has wiped out most of the trees everywhere. Then the narrative moves back to 2008, and I see that the book will later have chunks set in 1974, 1934 and 1908, before moving forwards again in reverse order, to 1934, 1974, 2008 and returning to 2038. I think this structure is intended to mirror the rings you see in a tree trunk when you cut it down. I wonder if this will work, or whether it will turn out to be a bit of a gimmick. I am only on page 62, so it is too soon to tell. The writing is really good, but I don’t like dystopian fiction or science fiction of any kind, and the climate catastrophe is all too believable and therefore depressing. I have divided the total number of pages by the number of days between now and book club and worked out that I need to read 62 pages a day to get to the end in time.

While I knit and embroider I am watching a UK TV series called ‘Suspects’ with Fay Ripley. I discovered it on Hoopla, which I access through my local library, but I am only entitled to 5 episodes a month that way, so I have been ‘forced’ to buy the later seasons from Apple TV. It is a fictional police procedural series, but is filmed in a documentary style and seems very realistic. None of the characters seem to be ‘acting’, although obviously they are. I’m taking a break from ‘Timeless’, having got to the end of the first season. All that time travel was beginning to addle my brain.

These socks are finished (the fourth time I have knitted this pattern).

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