Done, Done, and Done

My embroidery is complete, although I still need to iron it flat and frame it. It was very enjoyable, and I think I might look out for other designs by Jiggery Pokery.

The next thing I have finished is my plain socks.

And finally I have finished ‘Greenwood’, my book club book (the Zoom meeting is tonight). Towards the end I read two days’ worth of pages just to get it over with, because it was making me so sad. All the characters made decisions which I felt were the wrong ones, although this was often due to the tragedy of their past lives. Given the inter-generational nature of the story, some of these past tragedies arose out of bad choices made by older characters and so on and so on. The sections set in 2038 made me uncomfortable – I always struggle with ‘speculative fiction’ because I can’t tell what is meant to be normal for that world and what is intended to be picked up on as incongruous or dishonest. In this book I found the ramifications of the ‘Great Withering’ confusing. If there are no trees, how does any one breathe? Can’t plant nurseries gradually reforest the planet? Why was the manager of the Cathedral unwilling to try to save the trees? Much to discuss, clearly!

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