Canada Post has finally woken up to the fact that Christmas is behind us and delivered an overseas parcel that it has been holding onto since mid-December. A kind friend has given me an embroidery kit, which is a particularly welcome gift since my hands are telling me they need a bit of a rest from sock knitting. I have made a start on the first dandelion and I love the muted colour palette.

I am also considering knitting a hat (maybe that will be sufficiently different from socks that my hands won’t spot that I am actually still knitting) to go with one of a selection of faux fur pompoms I bought. Which combination to go for first?

I have two online tutorials for my OU course this week. We’re still on Victorians and home and abroad (‘Wuthering Heights’, ‘The Sign of Four’, and Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Beach at Falesa’). I’m off to re-read the RLS short story to refresh my memory. My tutor still hasn’t returned my poetry assignment – it would be good to have it back before I start on the next one…

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