Colourwork update

These socks are turning out really beautifully, if I do say so myself. They are version 3 of the Midwinter Socks by Summer Lee, and they will also be entered for a challenge on Ravelry if I can get them done in time. I started knitting my usual medium size, but it was enormous, so I started again, this time knitting them in small. They are a little snug, but I think I will keep them for me anyway: the colours I have chosen mean I’ll have to wash them really carefully so the red yarn doesn’t bleed into the contrasting cream and make it pink.

Must sweep that floor…

I had my hair cut yesterday; I really should have taken a photo then, when it was all sleek and perfect, but this morning’s styling by me is probably more representative of how it will normally look. As you can see, the blue tint is no more. I was fed up with the way my hairdresser cuts the back of my hair and debating switching to another stylist, when it occurred to me I could just ask my current stylist to cut it differently – it is sad how my brain works sometimes! Anyway, I am pleased with it.

I don’t think my brain was operating at its best yesterday actually. I went to the supermarket and picked a bottle of hand soap off the shelf, which had vanished when I came to pay. Did some one steal it out of my cart? Did I put it in someone else’s cart? It is a mystery…

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