Change over

Having decided spring (or perhaps summer) was definitely here, I arranged for my snow tyres to be replaced by my summer tyres. I then drove my car home and later went to the supermarket. At some point during those three journeys I managed to drive over a nail which has given me a slow puncture. Since everyone is getting their tyres changed over at the moment, I can’t get another appointment for ages, so poor S had to put one of my snow tyres back on for me for the time being. I do feel I get more punctures than the average person (I am cursed!), although at least I don’t suffer from rock chips in the windscreen as much as S.

D has finished the third quarter of his final year of high school. Starting on Monday he no longer has a free period, so he will have to go to school all day. He hasn’t done that since November, so I hope he will manage. Maybe they will let him have a nap in the afternoon if he needs one!

I am working on my next to last assignment for my OU course – poems by Elizabeth Bishop – and am really enjoying her writing. After that I just have the longer ‘End of Module’ assignment to write, and then the course is over until October. I will be half way through my six years at that point. I have already ordered next year’s set books as I am determined to read them over the summer this time. I resolved to do that last summer and didn’t…

I finished the Meadowsweet Socks. Here is S modelling them:

I am also half way through another couple of pairs:

The one on the left is Wild Bees Socks by Helen Stewart, and I suppose the design does look a bit like bees. It is an easy fun knit. The sock on the left is Peace Everywhere by Dolly Laishram. The pattern is really stunning, but it does pull in a bit, so even though I cast on more stitches than I usually do, it is a bit snug. If I knit this pattern again I will go up a needle size and also not do the design on the sole of the foot. This would make the sole stripy, which I think would look good.

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