Chana Masala

Today’s spot the difference dish was chana masala. I buy these packets direct from Daksha in Victoria, although they are intermittently available locally. The packets contain only the spices and a recipe, but the recipes are foolproof: we have tried almost all the different curries they carry and they have all been excellent:

As far as the challenge goes, I am, perhaps inevitably, making compromises in the interests of using up things I have in the fridge. Today’s version looks reasonably similar to the picture on the box, but I added aubergine which was left over from the pastry tarts, and used a yellow pepper that was getting past its best rather then the suggested green one.

With V home now until the fall, we are a family of four full-time again, and a family of all adults more or less (D still counts as a minor in this province for one more year). Our wifi seems to be holding up pretty well, but we’ve had to bow to the inevitable and put both the children on the insurance for each of our cars – the pressure on mine was getting too much – I hardly ever saw it. S is waiting for the snow to melt (if it would stop falling, that would help!) and the grit to be cleared away so he can get his motorbike back on the road. He will have that vehicle all to himself…

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