And then there were two

I managed to take these photos of my own feet – is it obvious, I wonder? I’m pleased with how these turned out, but I don’t think the part that is patterned but only in the one colour flows quite as well as I had hoped from the section above it, so I might do something different there for the final version.

My son heard this week that he has been accepted to study Physics at the University of Toronto, so we ventured out to a restaurant to celebrate. Restaurant food (in case there was any doubt) tastes so much better in situ than when it is delivered. We’re fortunate to be allowed to eat out still, so long as it is only with members of our household. We made the mistake of sharing the fact that we were celebrating, and just as we were moaning to one another about how full we were, a complementary slice of ice cream cake was presented to us. We manfully ate it, but if D also gets accepted at UBC and we decide to celebrate by eating out, we’ll keep the fact that it is a special occasion secret!

I watched an online event put on by Bloomsbury Publishing (UK) yesterday, where authors talked about and read from their forthcoming novels. It was very well done, and participants also received the first chapter of each of the novels. I now have a list of books to look out for over the next few months, although often here in Canada we get them much later (or have to import them). I’m particularly interested in ‘Greenwich Park’ by Katherine Faulkner, and ‘The Other Black Girl’ by Zakiyah Dalila Harris.

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