Amberwing Socks

I have been impatiently awaiting the release of the Amberwing Socks pattern, which the designer has been showing examples of on Instagram for weeks, so when it came out I cast on right away. This is despite the fact that I was already in the middle of knitting a pair of plain socks with October House Fiber Arts yarn. I started knitting a patterned pair of socks with this yarn, but the colourway was too delicate and I think they look better plain. Plain socks are ideal for knitting during meetings and tutorials too! So now I have to do the second of each of these pairs:

I’m faithfully reading my 62 pages a day of ‘Greenwood’, which I think I can confidently say is a good book, although not one I would have read (or would probably continue to read) except for book club. As I am past the half way point, the timeline has stopped moving backwards and is now going forwards in time – I’m up to 1934 again – so things are making more sense. Why are there two characters called Liam though? Maybe this will be explained in due course…

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