A Better Fit

Silhouette and Sky toque

I started again with a smaller needle and now it fits perfectly. It turns out I missed a whole row of the instructions for the ‘cool cast on’ the first time (whoops!) so that was probably another reason the first version was too loose. I am very pleased with it – it even has a little sun at the very top.

I’m not making any huge strides on the sustainability front sadly. Today’s challenge was to do laundry on a cold cycle and hang it to dry. I didn’t actually have any laundry which needed doing and I use a cold cycle anyway for everything except bedding and towels. I can’t hang laundry to dry outside at this time of year, because it would freeze rather than dry. I suppose I could hang everything up on clotheshorses in the basement, but that would bring back memories of student houses where damp laundry was draped over every radiator and never seemed actually to dry. (Also, using a tumble-dryer cuts down on the need to iron things – excuses, excuses).

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